Execution Is All That Matters

Trent Madden  —  November 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

I have a hard time sticking to things. I think we all do. Yet, it seems that the people who are most effective in life are extremely consistent. They crank out what they have to do each and every day.

Seth Godin writes something small on his blog everyday. But clearly he is a God, not a human. Just look at his last name.

Casey Neistat films a vlog, edits it, and uploads it every day. But he sleeps like 4 hours a day, so he’s not human either.

But seriously, people who can consistently produce on a day to day basis are just amazing. And it’s that ability that I want to cultivate in my own life.

I have a lot of ideas, and some of them are pretty good. But instead of executing them and making them a reality, I never get around to it or I start on it and end up quitting because I get tired of it or sidetracked.

But I imagine if I would just stick to one of these ideas for a year, I would have accomplished something pretty awesome and noteworthy. It doesn’t matter if the idea isn’t perfect because it will evolve over time.

That’s why people who dream up ideas all day are kind of useless–they don’t ever bring it into the world. Whereas, the dude with no ideas, but the ability to execute is swimming in success.

Don’t overthink it. Do it. And do it everyday.

Gary Vaynerchuk coincidentally posted on this topic today in his article–Why I Love Mediocre Ideas

The one thing I will always try and drive home with everyone who reads what I write, who listens to my keynotes, who watch the show is this: execution is everything.

Amazing ideas happen all the time. I’ve had great ideas. The guy sitting next to you as you read this has great ideas. The girl you see on the bus in the morning has great ideas. But once you have that idea, the next step is to go and do it. Just make it happen.

But there are so many great ideas. So many of them. There are way less great executions.

Because execution is hard.

I’ve seen a hell of a lot of people execute on less than average ideas to build amazing lives. There are so many businesses making hundreds of thousands of dollars on totally mediocre ideas. You know what’s an average idea? A social and digital agency. That is a below average idea. But it worked. Because I executed on it, and I made it happen.

Stop treating your ideas so preciously. Make them real. Tangible. Taste them and touch them. Get in the dirt and work, and let the idea evolve.

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